A central hub for home automation

Scara (or Sapphic Citadel Automated Residency Application) is a suite of applications that run on Raspberry Pi units to operate as a central control panel for various smart home devices.

The original prototype for ScARA was coded in Python 3, PyQt5, and Node.js.

After the original prototype was created, a new version of Scara was started that uses Node.js for both the panel and the server.

Scara is not currently in development, but eventually development might resume.

ScARA on GitHub Scara 2 on GitHub

Scara 2 working design prototype

Scara 2

Original ScARA features

ScARA Panel

Custom build wall panels using TFT touch screens and Raspberry Pis for total home control.

ScARA Server

Node.js-powered server that talks to the Panels using websockets, making the whole operation possible.

Almond + Wink ready

Almond router and Wink smart home hub support built right in.

ScARA Demo